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Taking traditions to tomorrow: the art of Kunqu Opera

Kunqu Opera is an ancient type of Chinese opera, one of the oldest still in existence today. Performing the art requires skilled emphasis on rhythm and articulation.

A solitary glimmer: Meet ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址's lonely lighthouse crew

It's a lonely job working in the East China Sea, some 30 kilometers offshore from ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址.

No holiday for Zhoupu's police

Family reunions must wait as officers make sure everyone else has a problem-free break during the Spring Festival. 

Miniature worlds created by a deft master

A Minhang resident has created a dish garden that doesn't require watering. Some works are as small as 1 centimeter.

Days at the office, nights in armor

Wearing medieval armor weighing over 35 kilograms, this is not cosplay, but a full contact sport known as medieval combat.

Hitting rewind: We take a look back at some of 2018's people

Come with us on a short journey around ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址, and other parts of China.

American marshaling martial arts for life

He is well known on campus as a master of martial arts, having won first prize in a second annual tai chi chuan competition for international students.

Lending a hand: restoring an ancient Guizhou village to its former glory

There are a group of people in Guizhou, devoting themselves to protecting folk houses featuring local characteristics. They are part of the Tunpu Work Camp.

Master restorers: The husband and wife team bringing ancient art back to life

For his workmanship and devotion to preserving valuable Chinese art legacies, Li was among the first workers in the city honored with the title of "ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Standout."

Closed for good: The last of the musical dinosaurs

"Classic Music Store," a record shop that had been in the narrow dead-end at 64 Fenyang Road for 14 years, closed for good on November 18.