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Jiading District

Jiading District at the northwest ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 is a combination of ancient and modern. There are 11 towns and one industrial zone in the district. It is officially established in 1218.

Ningbo City

Ningbo, an ancient yet vibrant city is a large port of the Far East connected to the world. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, the port has been a primary platform for international

Hangzhou City

The "tourist heaven" of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, lies in the heart of the southern Yangtze River region. One of China's eight ancient capitals, it has a rich history

Songjiang District

Located in the southwest of ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 of Yangtze River Delta area and along the upper and middle reaches of Huangpu River, Songjiang District, blessed with natural resources and rich

Putuo District

The column provides readers an insight into the latest achievements of Putuo District covering the fields of economy, culture, science, education, health, city infrastructure and environment.

Yangpu District

Yangpu District is in the northeast of ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址, on the northwest bank of lower Huangpu River. Yangshupugang, a distributary of Huangpu River runs from south to north through this district,

Pudong New Area

Pudong New Area stands on a new starting point of development and embraces historic opportunities after the establishment of China (ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址) Pilot Free Trade Zone. By 2020, Pudong

Chengdu City

Chengdu is a showcase of the Chinese government’s campaign to shift economic development to inland areas of the country. Companies from both China and abroad are heeding the call to

Jing'an District

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址's central district Jing’an is a potted history of ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址. Century-old villas, well-reserved shikumen residential complex and renovated factory buildings all have a story

Minhang District

Minhang district locates in the middle of ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址, has a land area of 371.68 km2. and a population of 2,508,000 residents as of 2012. Most of the district is residential area but it’s