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Opinion / Book review

Tsai's illustrated edition brings to life the wisdom, humor, vivacity of Confucianism

This light-hearted treatment of the legacy of Chinese culture would also bring Westerners into contact with some of the fundamental concepts of Chinese attitudes and outlooks.
Opinion / Foreign views

Does being social online come at the cost of real-life interaction?

That attitude has extended to my personal life, to some extent, where I've found myself lately becoming less and less sociable in real life.
Opinion / Foreign views

China a benchmark in social and economic growth

In a few decades, China's economy has grown in leaps and bounds. Its growth has become a case to study or examine for many developing as well as developed countries.
Opinion / Chinese views

Connecting us to nature by spending wisely

Our constant endeavor to affirm our social status through conspicuous consumption only makes us more alienated from people around us.
Opinion / Foreign views

Fossil-fuel doublespeak: How policymakers have fallen for industry's emissions rhetoric

IEA estimates that in 2016, investment in the oil and gas sector totaled US$649 billion, and that fossil-fuel subsidies within the G20 countries amounted to US$72 billion.
Opinion / Chinese views

No one is too short to teach

A female in Shaanxi Province was denied a teaching certificate because she was too short, although the Teachers Law of China does not set any height limit for teachers.
Opinion / Chinese views

Obstructing fire fighters hurts

In Sichuan Province, a fire engine was blocked by several illegally parked private cars while responding to an emergency call.
Opinion / Chinese views

Make packaging rule bite

Several takeaway platforms in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 recently have begun to use paper bowls instead of plastic packaging when delivering foods.
Opinion / Chinese views

Too many incentives for start-ups

Failing tests is no big deal if you show the promise of a business wizard. This was a message recently sent by a vocational college vice dean.
Opinion / Chinese views

Pay up your debts

According to thepaper.cn, a man surnamed Rao in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, refused to follow a ruling that ordered him to repay loans of 200,000 yuan from a local bank.