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New cure for rare disease brings hope for future

At birth, doctors gave Julien Ferrer only a slim chance of surviving a rare childhood bone disease. Fifteen years on, the French teen is living a normal life in Canada.

Ebola vaccine faces reality tests in Congo surge

Ebola vaccine faces now face extreme real-world tests including heat, humidity, language barriers and lack of roads.

'Shooting gallery' gives drug addicts safe place to inject

The tiny grand duchy nestled in Luxembourg has for more than 10 years played host to a busy "shooting gallery" to give drug addicts a safe space to inject narcotics.

Brains, eyes, testes: Are there off-limits for transplants?

Transplants are no longer limited to the vital organs: heart, liver or lungs. Nowadays, people can get a new hand or even a uterus. But some organs remain off-limits. For now.

Using legal food preservatives safely

But while you should remain vigilant to illegal additives, there should be no need to worry about the amount of preservatives added to various food products. 

Removing mental distress for Chinese students in U. S.

Chinese students studying internationally may be susceptible to certain mental health issues, and the situation may be worsening.  

Danger of wrinkle removal therapy

Wrinkle removal therapy has never been more popular in the cosmetic surgery market, according to medical experts.

Manchester on the frontline: US hope in drugs battle

Tucked away in the corner of a US fire station are a tiny poster saying "anyone, anytime, can recover" and a poem in memory of a 20-year-old woman who fatally overdosed in 2016.

Take a holistic journey of self clarity, cleansing and rejuvenation

The Ayurveda cleansing program is designed for seven days and six nights featuring the India Ayurvedic medicine to help you cleanse your mind, body and spirit and attain balance.

Unlicensed cosmetic surgery dangers

Local medical experts warned beauty seekers about the risks of receiving injections or other invasive beauty treatments at unqualified establishments.