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Feature / Art & Culture

Exhibition pays tribute to one of China's most influential writers

An exhibition paying tribute to one of China's most influential writers is currently open at Suzhou Art Museum.
Feature / Art & Culture

Photography exhibit captures a panoramic view of a changing society

Under the erosion of time, many things fade into history, but an exhibition by female photographers is ensuring rare scenes from a bygone era are captured for eternity.
Feature / Art & Culture

Tales of the 3 emperor's daughters

Mulberry, Spirit and Bird suffered misfortune, yet their inspiring deeds greatly benefited the human race.
Feature / Education

The Global Search for Education: Who's Working on Keeping Our Data Safe?

Data and the intelligence gained can be a solution to solving many of the world's largest challenges, but despite the great opportunities, there are also significant risks.
Feature / Travel

Reliving the pages of a 19th-century literary classic

Grand View Garden recreates scenes from one of China's four great literary classics. Step into a storybook of famous characters and settings.
Feature / Travel

Wuzhen: a treat for old and young alike

The ancient water town, just a two-hour drive from ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 is the perfect place for all the family.
Feature / Entertainment

Innovative concert about to hit ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址

The ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Chinese Music Orchestra is bringing its concert version of the "New Oriental Chinese Music Scene" back to its hometown this month.
Feature / Entertainment

Fantasy film adapted from popular video game to screen in October

The film is adapted from a popular video game which has developed a large fan base in China since 2010.
Feature / Entertainment

Romance series wraps up shooting in Thailand

The light-hearted series, starring Han Geng and Wang Xiaochen, centers around the love and lives of China's young generation.
Feature / Lifestyle

New Brazil judo coach smashes gender bias

"I don't think 'I'm a woman and the others are men.' I never thought about this. My focus is always: Can I use my strengths to help the team?"