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Feature / Travel

It's a rich tapestry of life and history by the Taihu

As the hometown of silk embroidery, bamboo-making and the calligraphy brush, Huzhou City in Zhejiang Province shines with its rich culture and history.
Feature / Art & Culture

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 celebrates 130th birthday of famed diplomat Wellington Koo

TO commemorate the 130th anniversary of ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址-born diplomat Wellington Koo's birth, a series of programs is going on in the city. 
Feature / Entertainment

Euro shows headline 2019 AC Orange season

FOUR popular overseas musical productions are coming to ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 as part of the 2019 season of AC Orange. 
Feature / Art & Culture

Stellar design for largest planetarium in the world

The ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Planetarium will allow stargazing on a level never seen before in the city.
Feature / Lifestyle

Traditional hanfu dress revival among China's youngsters

Hanfu is the name given to pre-17th century traditional clothing worn by the Han Chinese. Remarkably, four centuries later the style is back in vogue.
Feature / Lifestyle

A model's dedication to beauty

Wang Yihan, a veteran of the beauty pageant circuit, is now focusing on establishing her own school for models in the United States.
Feature / Entertainment

Fantasy comedy 'Airpocalypse' to delight audiences

"Airpocalypse," an hilarious fantasy comedy by Xiao Yang, is expected to be a box office sensation during the coming Christmas and New Year.
Feature / Art & Culture

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Auto Museum stages Porsche exhibition

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Auto Museum launched a Porsche themed exhibition on December 8 to chronicle the company's 70 years of development.
Feature / Taste

Creating authentic culinary hotpot taste of Beijing

The popular local foodies' craze for sweat-inducing Sichuan spicy hotpots has a new rival on the block – a hotpot from a different regional culture.
Feature / Taste

Kanpai's exalted food, wine pairing delight

Taiwanese joint Kanpai Classic opened its door at Chi-Q's old space at Three On the Bund a year ago and recently updated its concept into Kanpai Wine Club.