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Feature / Education

The Global Search For Education: The Need to Play

What happens when you're very poor and a safe place to play is not an option?
Feature / Travel

Guangzhou in bloom, a secret Oriental treasure

Guangzhou has been the jewel of the Pearl River for centuries and a city of trade along the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Traces still survive and should not be missed.
Feature / Entertainment

Comedy spy film adds weight at cinemas across China

Bao Bei'er directs and stars in movie about a pair of fat buddies who get involved in a drug trafficking case. 
Feature / Travel

Showing off the treasures of Lishui

Lishui (Beautiful Water) is just two and a half hours from ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 by train and offers a wealth of scenery and history.
Feature / Entertainment

The unconventional Khalil Fong returns

Fong Tai Tung, also known as Khalil Fong, will come back to ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 to share his music and stories with his fans.
Feature / Art & Culture

How 'fish mouth' changed lives

Dujiangyan, or Dujiang Weir, refers to an ancient irrigation and flood-control system in Dujiangyan City in Sichuan Province, which is one of the must-sees for tourists. 
Feature / Travel

Carnival time for city's international image

Chinese coastal city's government imports famous annual event to boost exchanges and mutual benefits
Feature / Art & Culture

Apartment block a writer's haven and home to a murder mystery

Changjiang Apartments sits on a prominent location behind the Park Hotel at People's Square.
Feature / Entertainment

Creating music without playing an instrument

Audiences will be amazed at how the tires, trash cans, brooms and Zippo lighters are used to create the explosive music. 
Feature / Entertainment

Classic and nostalgic songs newly interpreted in '2018 Sing! China'

Hong Kong singer Nicholas Tse and his team will perform an energetic rock and roll interpretation of Beyond's classic song "Glory Days."