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Ningbo, an ancient yet vibrant city is a large port of the Far East connected to the world. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, the port has been a primary platform for international trade, promoting the spread of tea and porcelain culture as well as engagement between civilizations. Today, its advanced manufacturing, thriving international trade, and booming private sector have made it a veritable gem of the Yangtze River Delta.
Art & Culture

Magnificent spectacle of dowry culture in Ningbo

Ningbo could epitomize dowry culture by virtue of the so-called "Shi Li Hong Zhuang (十里红妆)," which literally means the procession carrying dowries might stretch for 10 li.


Domestic and foreign tourists enjoy a very Nice carnival

Ningbo, a port city of 8 million people and a long history of trading, is now set to boost its international tourist city's image and rich tourism resources.
Art & Culture

Embroiders with a golden touch

A Ningbo intangible heritage embroidery dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty but is still thriving today

Growing Ningbo luring world-class talent

Ningbo Talent, Science and Technology Week showcases the coastal city's strong focus on bringing in the best and brightest from China and around the world.

Carnival time for city's international image

Chinese coastal city's government imports famous annual event to boost exchanges and mutual benefits

China-CEEC expo is offline-to-online triumph

The 4th China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo was successfully held in Ningbo.

China-CEEC expo to enjoy a taste of Latvia

Rusks and beer from Latvia ran smoothly through Ningbo Customs ahead of the 4th China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo.

Glass walkway opens on Xuedou Mountain

It is the longest of its kind in Zhejiang Province and a welcome addition to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ningbo.
Art & Culture

Finance sector boosts cultural city vision

Ningbo has stepped forward to offer financial support to boost local cultural development.

Aiming to lure top talent to take on the world

Ningbo is accelerating its globalization to attract global experts, with a focus on high-tech professionals, to upgrade local manufacturing industries.