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Jiading District at the northwest ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 is a combination of ancient and modern. There are 11 towns and one industrial zone in the district. It is officially established in 1218. Guyi Garden, Confucius Temple, Fahua Temple and Tanyuan Garden are the landmarks. Peony festival is a regular flowers show in Guyi Garden around mid-April. A key industrial in Jiading is automobile manufacture and set up the ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 International Automobile City. ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 International Circuit located nearby, holds the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix every year. Xiaolongbao is the most popular food so don’t miss it.

Spring brings out the district's colors

As the weather becomes warmer, it is a golden time to visit colorful Jiading. Take your family and friends to appreciate the wonderful spring time!

A program that's encouraging children

A Jiading-based company built an online programming training institution for children. 

Figurines made here are almost human ...

Mydarling Cultural and Creative Development Co Ltd is turning a former elevator factory in Jiading into an emerging industrial park with lifelike figurines.

Zhang gets his students crosstalking

Zhang Wenze, a well-known crosstalker, launched a crosstalk class in two primary schools in Jiading, aiming to cultivate more crosstalkers from a young age. 

Anting museum drives history of automobiles

After unmanned vehicles hit the headlines, the rapid development of the technology came as something as a surprise.

Read all about it – the most beautiful books in the world

What is a book? A key to wisdom; a ladder of human progress; a guide to life or a teacher … but for Artron, a leader in the printing industry, books are also works of art.

Ricciardo takes Bull by the horns

It may be premature to call it the end of an era of Mercedes domination but Daniel Ricciardo's thrilling win for Red Bull marks a clear shift in the Formula One landscape.

Services to get better for foreign residents

Jiading is attracting more foreigners to work and live, so two more foreigner service stations have established in the district to provide better services for foreign residents. 

Quyi artists fill theaters again with their stories

Jiading never lacked quyi artists, or folk storytelling artists passing down an oral record of the past from generation to generation.


Wu's best temple made a town known for education

The Confucius Temple in Jiading covers an area of 1.13 hectares. Built 800 years ago, it has undergone more than 100 repairs and was famous as the best in the region.