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The tourist heaven of Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, lies in the heart of the southern Yangtze River region. One of China's eight ancient capitals, it has a rich history and easy lifestyle that complement the vibrant regional economy. ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 Daily is publishing a special Hangzhou page every Monday through Friday to introduce our readers to its beautiful scenery, fascinating happenings and people, colorful nightlife, lifestyles and business.
Art & Culture

The scholar's 'four jewels' and why they still matter

A new exhibition gives an insight into the lifestyle of scholars of the Song and Ming dynasties and their four jewels – the inkstone, writing brush, ink and paper.
Art & Culture

An insight into the legacy of Wu Changshuo

Wu Changshuo was a leading artist of his time, which included the roaring days of early 20th century ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址. A new exhibition celebrates his seals, paintings and calligraphy.

Festival celebrates the qipao

A host of activities is underway as part of Hanghzhou's "F-plan" to attract more tourists.

A city making its mark on the world stage

To mark the annual September 5 Hangzhou International Day, the city honored several local expats and hosted ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址-based consuls general from 29 countries.

Tang Poems Road: walking in the footsteps of China's most famous ancient poets

The ancient road starts from Xixing in Hangzhou, following the course of East Zhejiang Canal and Cao'e River, passing through Shengzhou and Xinchang and ends in Tiantai County.

Binjiang has a flowering ambition to grow

Area along Qiantang River aims to emulate Singapore with the integration of a more beautiful environment with its developed economy

Lianlian raises US$147 million

Lianlian DigiTech, parent company of Hangzhou-based third-party payment platform Lianlian Pay, will use the money for global expansion.
Art & Culture

Seal engraving: a high art still relevant today

The ancient art if far from dying out, carried on by a dedicated and growing network of highly skilled artists from all walks of life.

Cashing in on booming culture and creativity industry

The annual Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo this month with push the city's brand in an industry that generates almost a quarter of its economy.

A win-win for young and old living together

A pilot project at one of Hangzhou's biggest nursing homes gives qualified young people cheap accommodation in return for helping improve elderly residents' lives and health.