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At the month of Yangtze River, ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址’s Chongming Island is an ideal destination with its 24 percent forest coverage, winding roads, calm lakes, wetland for migrant birds, quite village paths and delicious local food. This ecological island offers a pleasant weekend for you with family and friends. When you come to Chongming, be sure to bring your sports gear and take advantage of this stunning island’s many athletic amenities.

Island of dreams for top cyclists

The natural beauty of Chongming Island proved an ideal setting as the elite of women's cycling raced to the finish line in the 2018 UCI Women's World Tour. 

This is the season to enjoy the best of Chongming

Chongming Island is an ideal weekend getaway for ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 foodies. With golden autumn upon us, Chongming has arranged for a host of local flavors that would make any gourmet proud.

Picturing an even brighter future for Chongming

 “Sky Eyes, Chongming Record” photography contest attracts over 900 photos featuring the natural and cultural beauty of Chongming.

Romance amid a sea of fresh lavender

Don’t miss the chance to spend a romantic evening in a sea of fragrant lavender and more than 30 other herbs and flowers at the Lavender and Egret Love Park on Chongming Island. 

Luhua Town a paradise for weekend visitors

Luhua Town in the southwest part of Chongming Island, is the place to enjoy tangerine, hybrid rice, home-made liquor, river crab and lamb.

Enjoy a Happy Farm-er's life experience

Embedded in a tranquil and scenic garden in Hezhong Village, Happy Farm gives a twist to the traditional nongjiale (happy farmer’s life) on Chongming Island.


Eco-friendly Chongming Island bets big on sports

The Tour of Chongming Island, a key race of the UCI Women’s World Tour calendar, is not the only sporting event, which prides itself as a venue for ecological related activities. 

Lotus festival celebrates exotic and ecological art

Lotus festival

Dragon Boat Festival is a time to celebrate and have family fun for all

Dragon Boat Festival, one of the four most important traditional holidays in China, is celebrated with various folk activities to wish for good health and long life.