Foreign visitors view exhibition commemorating China's reform and opening-up


Jiading-1 makes history as China's first private nanosatellite in space

Jiading-1, China's first privately owned nanosatellite, was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China at 7:40am yesterday.

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 land polices to boost economy

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 is considering a series of policies to improve land use efficiency that will ensure both high-quality economic development.

North China regions fight air pollution

Several northern Chinese regions have stepped up the fight against air pollution, with measures including closing polluting firms and coal boilers and limiting car use.

Chinese to vote on 2018 Chinese Character and Word of the Year

An annual campaign to select the 2018 Chinese Character and Word of the Year began Tuesday.

Another luxury ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 hotel exposed online

A five-star hotel in Yangpu District apologized after a guest found a packet of used cold medicine in the pocket of a bathrobe offered by the hotel. 

China sends 5 satellites into orbit via single rocket

China launched a new space environment research satellite and four nanosatellites on a Long March-2D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 7:40am Tuesday.

Police to slash assistant numbers but enhance quality

The current 16,000 assistant patrol officers will gradually be replaced by new police assistants with generally higher qualifications and salaries.

UFC to open 'world's largest MMA center' in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址

UFC made a major play for the Chinese market on Tuesday, saying it will invest US$13 million to open the world's largest MMA training and development base in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址.

Next-generation solid-state batteries in production in China

China's first solid-state battery production line has become operational in the city of Kunshan, east China's Jiangsu Province.

Bloomin' nice! Chrysanthemums make ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 comeback

A crysanthemum exhibition, including some rare species, as well as bonsai and flower arrangement works of chrysanthemums, will be on show in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 after 15 years' absence. 

Offline retail store '7Fresh' to make splash in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址's offline retail store "7Fresh" will open its first outlet in ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址's Hongkou District as an important step for its nationwide expansion. 

Xi arrives in Philippines for state visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Manila on Tuesday for the first state visit to the Philippines by a Chinese head of state in 13 years.

Wang on AFC's list for player of year award

The Asian Football Confederation announced yesterday that Chinese player Wang Shuang has been nominated as one of the continent's female players of the year.
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How entrepreneurs can sell their ideas to others

At its heart, innovation is a profoundly social phenomenon. More often than not, it is the story that makes the innovation, rather than the other way around.
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Bosnia and Herzegovina's commitment to building further bilateral ties with China

The BiH government has repeatedly stressed the importance of nurturing and advancing relations with China, both bilaterally and within various multilateral settings.

Fresh Hema investigated for label cheat

Fresh Hema is under investigation by Jing'an market watchdog after an employee was found replacing old labels on food with new ones showing a later production date.

Cyclists must follow rules or face blacklist

Shared bike riders who break traffic rules or park in the wrong place face being put on a transport authority blacklist.

You've served your time, now say sorry

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 prosecutors on Monday filed public interest suits against people who sold harmful food and drugs.

Amid contentious social debate, dogs are not a 'walk in the park'

ag美高梅深海捕鱼网址 bans dogs in parks, but there are a few exceptions. Dog owners want more parks to open their gates to pets, but some people oppose the idea.